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morning, i'm nina dos santos. >> and it's 5:00 p.m. here in hong kong. i'm andrew stevens. you're watching "world business today." the top stories this wednesday, november the 23rd, stock markets sink into the red worldwide. as poor manufacturing numbers from china raises concerns about global growth. >>> australia's controversial mining tax passes an important political hurdle. >>> and the arab spring takes a toll on one of europe's oldest travel companies. >>> let's get straight to the european stock markets which opened about an hour ago. trading off to a bit of a negative stock for once not dictated by events in europe but instead stirred up in the u.s. growth forecast for this year and also a slowdown in chinese manufacturing. initial pmi data could make matters worse when it's released today. the markets did stage a little bit of a fightback. here's where they stand broadly speaking. almost all of them down at the moment. a bit of a negative start to today's session, andrew. >> yeah, very negative start to the session here and a negative end to the session as well. losses just keepin
this winter could bring a lot more of the same, thanks for the phenomenon called la nina. bill whitaker explains. >> reporter: in the past year, americans have seen stronger than usual tornadoes, prolonged severe drought in texas, and more powerful atlantic hurricanes, intense weather that scientists note often coincides with the global weather phenomenon called la nina. the last la nina dominated world weather from july 2010 to june of this year, bringing drought and famine to the horn of africa and once in a century flooding to australia. now scientists see another la nina brewing in the pacific, gaining strength since august, an unusual back-to-back occurrence, a 1-2 punch. jan null is a meteorologist with san francisco state university. >> forecasts are for the rest of the fall and into the early winter for it strengthen possibly into a weak to moderate la nina. >> reporter: la nina is part of the normal back and forth flow of warm and cool water across the pacific at the equator called the southern oscillation. the better known warm water system el nino brings punishing storms to c
. >> gary lane, cbn news. >> joining us now is nina shea on the hudson institute and co-author of the new book "silenced" how apresident obamas apostasy and blasphemy laws are choking the world. what does it mean for nigerians for all faiths? >> there will be no tolerance of any negative commentary or critical analysis about islam whatsoever. it is enforced with lethal force with thousands of christians being killed by boko haram. the very name boko haram means it is blasphemy to have western education. everything that is not boko haram or islamic is considered blasphemy for that radical extremist group. >> nina, this is more than nigeria. how big of a problem is this in the muslim world? >> it is a growing problem. we are seeing it in libya and tunisia and egypt because they are planning to introduce stricter sharia law. sharia law, the worst part isn't the polygamy or forcible vailing, whether it is womens' rights, people of other faith are off the table. they cannot be discussed or debated. the authorities decide what is allowed and what is not. >> pastor yousef nadarkhani facing a pos
as la nina is back and getting stronger. bill whitaker reports it could bring more floods, droughts, and hurricanes. police in new york arrest nearly 200 protesters as the occupy movement marches in what's billed as a national day of action. jim axelrod is on the scene. a new census report says more americans than ever are living into their 90s. dr. jon lapook on the challenges. and anna werner on what's killing sharks by the thousands off the u.s. coast. >> i've never seen that much devastation in one piece of net. ever. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, a lot of people in the southeast are adding up the damage and counting their blessings. lucky to be alive after a series of deadly tornadoes. as more as 18 twisters tore across alabama, georgia, virginia and the carolinas last night. there were at least six deaths and dozens of injuries. one family in north carolina survived by huddling in a bathtub. there's also reason to believe there may be more extreme weather coming. not just to the southeast but all over the
it with me, gary. >> la nina. >> the prediction is this year we're having another la nina winter. wanted to give you a little explanation of what la nina is. it is a phenomenon that drives the climate nun usually cool ocean temperatures in the tropical pacific. we can see it developing already and we are going to be influenced by a weak to moderate la nina according to noaa. what does that mean for d.c.? >> just these cooling waters of south america have a big impact on our weather and one thing they do is they kind of change the storm track a little bit and you don't have to look through it very long to realize storm track is important. so a la nina storm track basically looks like. this storm systems stay just to the west of us and that allows us to stay mostly in the warm air. doesn't mean we won't get snow. occasionally even in a la nina winter you can get a nor'easter and if that happens, that's when we have the potential for at least getting some decent snow around here, but typically in la nina we don't get a lot of cold air down this far. so we get fewer and fewer of these nor ea
.m. here at cnn in london. good morning to you. i'm nina dos santos. >>> it's 5:00 p.m. at cnn hong kong. i'm andrew stevens. you're watching "world business today." the top stories this thursday, november 24th. >> the former clrkseo of olympus speaks with prosecutors in japan. speculation is mounting about him taking his oath job back. >>> big shoes to fill at the top of one of the world's biggest conglomerates tata names cyrus mystery as his success store at tata. >>> 2011 has been an exercise in crisis management for nissan ceo car loan grown. he's still optimistic about growth for the future. >>> just about an hour into the trading session in europe. markets started pretty strongly. the likes of the zet draw dax up by .25% after yesterday after germany had a badly received bond sale. that in turn pushed the euro to a six-week low. the currency is rebounding. we've got a key measure of german business confidence set to come out. keep an eye on that market later today. for the rest of the eurozone it's not looking bad either. cac 40 up in excess of 1%. >>> bit more of a mixed picture on t
'm nina dos santos and you're watching "world business today." well, this friday, the weeken es just as it began. will he stay or will he go? that's the big issue in the birth place of democracy as the greek prime minister, george papandreou and his government faces a crucial confidence vote in parliament later today. the outcome of the vote may have seemed a bit predictable just 24 hours ago. now it seems it's far from certain. after mr. papandreou backed away from a referendum on a debt deal he announced days earlier. all of this comes as leaders of the g20 are gathered. it's sure to be dominated with talk about gross's future and the escalating crisis that's gripping the euro zone. relief surrounding that possible aboutturn on the greek referendum is moving stocks but also the bond markets, because ten-year greek bonds are down just a little bit today, still yielding around 2 %. let's go live to athens where we can join jim bolden. the day is young over there in the greek capital. let's have a quick look at what we could see coming out of greece and this confidence vote, jim. >> r
to another packed edition of "world business today." i'm andrew stevens in hong kong. >> and i'm nina dos santos in london. here are the top stories. save our pensions. a massive public sector protest kicks off right across britain, shutting down schools, and also threatening chaos at the country's airports. >>> a bad day for the financial sector just got worse. as s&p downgrades dozens of banks. >>> and nine people are left dead after a blaze breaks out near a popular hong kong tourist spot. >>> first off, though, here in britain, people are facing a day of massive disruptions as 2 to 3 million public sector workers walk off the job to protest against cuts to their pensions. it's set to be the biggest labor stoppage in decades across the country. and trade unions say that what's at the heart of it is practically a general strike here. schools will be closed and workers are staying away from government offices, airports, also law courts, and even away from hospitals. let's go now live to jim boulden from london's heathrow airport which is set to be disrupted by this. jim. >> reporter: yes
that the phenomenon known as la nina has returned bill whitaker shows us tonight what la nina can do. >> reporter: in the past year, americans are seen stronger-than-usual tornadoes, prolonged severe drought in texas, more powerful atlantic hurricanes, intense weather that scientists note often co-insides with the global weather phenomenon called la nina. the last la nina dominated world wetter from july, 2010, to june of this year bringing drought and famine to the horn of africa and once in a century flooding to australia. now scientists see another la nina brewing in the pacific, gaining strength since august-- an unusual back-to-back occurrence. a one-two punch. jan null is a meteorologist with so state university. >> forecasts are for the rest of the fall into earl earl winter o strengthen to a weak to moderate la nina. i it's the warmer than average water at the equator. the better known warm water el nino brings storms to california. with la larks cold water builds up at the equator, pushing the jet stream to the north. this winter could mean colder wetter weather in the northwest, bitter
. i'm zain verjee. world business today starts now. >>> good morning. from cnn london, i'm nina del santos. >> and from cnn hong kong i'm andrew stevens. top stories this thursday, november 17. >>> china on his mind. the u.s. president outlines the new u.s. push into asia. >>> the cleanup is under way in asia as factories get back to business as usual. >>> yes, the camera does lie. benetton is creating controversy already with its new unhate campaign. it's already been forced to pull one of its images. >>> first up, the european debt crisis. it's not a story that's likely to go away any time soon. france and spain prepare to sell billions of dollars of debt in separate bond auctions later on today. let's have a look at how the markets are faring at the moment. we're about an hour into today's trading session. red arrows right across the board. one of the markets in the big four hit the hardest is the cac in paris down .8%. this is how italian and paris and french bond yields doing at that. the italian bond yield has once again passed that crucial 7% mark, beyond which many an econom
:00 in london. i'm nina dos santos. welcome to "world business today." let's send you straight to the european stock market action. investors have been trading for an hour and one minute at the moment, as you can see, reacting negatively to ongoing uncertainty over the handling of europe's ongoing debt crisis. a proposal was turned down once again. we have the cac 40 down by 0.75%. heavier losses for the likes of the dax. let's have a look at how aids effecting the bond markets. the spiraling cost of borrowing across these regions really is what has been affecting things of late. italy, this is the country that's surpassed that 7% crucial level beyond which economists say it just becomes too expensive to finance yourself out in the open markets. the italian bond yields are coming down today as you can see, in today's session. still, hovering close to that 7% mark is 6.83. let's look at another country that people are worried about across the euro zone. it's spain and its bond yield have been rising yet again today, perilously close to that 6.83 mark. that country has an election going on at th
" starts right now. >>> good morning from cnn london, i'm nina dos santos, this is "world business today." these are the top stories. smiles for the cameras at the group of 20 summit in cannes. behind the scenes the grim threat of a greek euro exit looms large. >>> occupy oakland protesters have closed down one of america's busiest porlts. flooded factories in thailand are prompting concerns of a global laptop shortage. we'll check in with the manufacturing entrepreneur richard can later in the show. >>> european markets are just started trading. let's take a look at how the asia pacific indices finished the session a short time ago. to do so we go to ramy inocencio who is joins us from hong kong with all the details and the numbers. it seems wherever you are in the world, investors can't shake those european jiters, can they? >> that's right. stock markets here did take another slide in the asia pacific as investors reacted to negative news out of the eurozone. the nikkei was spared the sellout, closed for a public holiday in japan. the other major indices were dragged down. here the ha
la nina and that is back this year. what is lano onia? an unusually cold ocean temperature plume of water that we see in the tropical pacific and is already showing up. not as strong as last year. according to noaa, we think this is going to be weak to moderate and la nina has a big influence on the entire globe. in particular in the winter for the east coast and that is usually predictable. we have had 21 lano onia winters and all feature above normal temperatures and below smaller snowfall. >> it disrupts the jet stream and this is what happens over a typical la nina winter. the storm track basically stays to the west of us and the reason it does that is that we don't have a lot of cold air coming down. and even during la nina, we can get into the southeast. when that happens, that creates a storm track to the south and east and we get the coastal storms that we know of as nor'easters. and this will be, this will happen occasionally, even during a la nina winter and this will brings the best chance forgetting some accumulating snow around here. because it's la nina and because
business today" starts now. >>> good morning from cnn london, i'm nina dos santos. >> and a good afternoon from cnn hong kong. i'm andrew stevens. welcome to "world business today." the top stories this wednesday, november the 9th. >> investors are back in a buying mood after the italian prime minister, silvio berlusconi, says he will not run for re-election. >>> slowing slowly, inflation continues to call on the world's second biggest economy. >>> and shares in olympus plunge yet again as speculation mounts that the company may have a to-do list. >>> speaking of stock markets, let's have a look at how the action is faring here in europe. about an hour into the trading session, we've had positive sentiment in response to berlusconi, the italian prime minister's pledge to resign and to not stand again for re-election. he's predicting that elections may come in february here. now, silvio berlusconi said that he plans to step aside once the government approves austerity mesh eschasures in parliament. of course, italy is the world's eighth larger economy, the fourth largest in terms of debt an
cnn london, i'm nina dos santos. you're watching "world business today." these are our top stories on friday, november 11th. it's a tough job but somebody has to do it. lucas papademos. >>> and get rich or die trying? we track the success of 50 cent from rapper to business leader. >>> first up we head straight to the european stock markets. we've seen a slightly higher open. we'll bring you the numbers in just a moment's time within the first hour of trading. let's bring you up to date with what is happening in terms of what's moving the markets. it's a big day politically speaking, right across europe, special for this man, the new greek prime minister lucas papademos. his resume shows he has a solid economic background. he says the main task of the transitional government in greece will be implementing the bailout package. >>> in the meantime in italy, they are set to vote on a package of austerity measures. the final approval is expected to come on saturday. if that does happen, the current prime minister, mr. berlusconi may resign that very same day. some say italy's president
morning from cnn london, i'm nina dos santos. you're watching "world business today." >>> every time we think that we've reached the pits of the european debt debacle it seems as though another event serves to remind us there's no quick fix here for the moment. the markets continue to take yet another tumble after another day of declines. italy and greece are the twin beacons of the current crisis and neither has clear political leaderships nor the tactics in place to escape the mess they're currently in. investors are picking up where asia and wall street left off in wednesday's session. we have heavy losses right across the board. in southern europe, the markets reacted aptly enough, headed further down south as you can see. they've been recovering in today's session just a bit. ftse may be gaining 1% in the first hour of trading.ç and in greece, which is facing the similar combination of political uncertainty and financial crisis, investors on the athens stock exchange losing patience with dragging talks in forming a new coalition government. the athens stock exchange rebound toget
with mayor bloomberg on that, nina? >> in general, no, but specifically, democrats proposed entitlement cuts larger than had been proposed before. budget oficans' teeny the idea of no new taxes. a majority of the country believes there should be an increase in taxes on the wealthy to help us out of this problem it is not entirely, but you might as well call their bluff and do it with other unpalatable measures. >> charles? >> it had a chance to do tax reform, which is the one thing on which left and right agreed. it is a more fair system, it also leads to economic growth. it didn't happen. the president could have made it happen for at least assisted in making it happen. but probably we are going to have to decide the issue next year on the election. it is an ideological divide it between left and right. in the end, the people will decide. >> colby? >> we have to understand how we got to this point. back in july, the republicans decided to take the debt ceiling hostage. the full faith and credit of the nine states was going to be called into question. mitch mcconnell came out with this jury
of the aisle and both ends of pennsylvania avenue. >> any argument with a mere bloomberg on that, nina? >> in general no, but specifically, the democts at least proposed entitlement cuts larger than had been oposed before. the republicans' teeny budge of the idea of new taxes. a majority of the country belies there should be there should be tax increases on the wealthy. -- on the wealthy to help us out of thisroblem. it won't entirely but you might as well call their bluff and do it. charles? >> it athad a chance to do tax reform, the one thing on whicich left and right both agree. it is a more fair system and lead to econom growth. it didn't have been brought the president coul have made it happen or leased assisted in making that happen.. probablye are going to have to decide the issue n next year in the election. it is an ideological divide it between left and right. in the end, the people decide. >> colby? >> let's understand how we got to this point. back in july, the republicans decide it to take the debt ceililing hostage to t themselvesut of the bind we are and where thfull fai
expenses will be at or below budget this year. it's all because of la nina. the water temperatures off the coast of south america and the pacific are colder than normal. we had a strong la nina last winter. this year's will be a weak to moderate one. what does this mean? anny hong explains. >> howard, for our area, this means overall average or above average temperatures. more rain events and those dreaded wintery mixes with bouts of freezing rain, which we all know is better for skating than driving. topper, back to you. >> all right, they are talking about a la nina winter. i think winter will get off to an early start in december and things even out for january and february. i'm predicting we will see just above average snowfall. maybe 18 inches at national. 23 inches at dulles, and 20 inches at bwi. a far cry from 56, 73, and 77 inches. but let's face it, no matter how much snow we get, i find as long as there's enough to sled on, most people are happy. >> i agree with that. there are other factors that can negate and for more, go to our website. we also have the worm. see how i
friday noon puppy, that is what the segment is, but nina is one- year-old but still a puppy. i guess i am somewhat -- >> -- please -- >> -- two and a half, three years old. nina is a jack russell boston terrier mix, really sharp, really active, really nice. her previous owners just didn't have the time for her and she ended up in the maryland spca. a great happy little dog. >> oh, yeah. >> you are. >> she just needs a really really good home. if you can provide that long- term, she doesn't need to be shuffled around anymore, we have been discussing that during the break, we all on many different levels have a problem of that, but anyway there she is. that is our sponsor. what a beautiful day. aim going to get dixie out today. >> yeah. >> i am going to take her up to the park get her out and talk a walk, a day fit for man and beast, almost 70 degrees the high, right now 66, 20% humidity, the perfect spring day frankly, west-southwest gentle breeze at 5, the barometer is at 30.23. let's check out numbers here. the numbers tell the story of the day, 57 in dc and elkins, book handed by 57, 5
by 1% already, andrew. >> okay, nina. reality is starting to overtake hope. still ahead on "world business today", a group is raise racing the clock on a super committee deal. but are they leaving with no agreement in sight? that's just ahead. day for qantas. the conditions grounded hundreds of flights has taken a new twist. full details in a moment. if you look at how the stock prices at the moment, the company shares are down 1.2%. welcome back. you're watching "world business today." >>> binding arbitration will be the next stop pr qantas. talks between the airline and union representatives breaking down this monday with very little agreement visible on the whoson. let's get more from david herbert. this has been a long and bitter fight between management and the unions. were they ever likely to reach an agreement? >> reporter: generally, it's agreed they were never going to reach the agreement. certainly, not in the 21 days they were trying to go against. this started in august of last year, the negotiations began. they couldn't reach an agreement. that's when qantas grounded
. i'm nina dos santos. >> and it's 5:00 p.m. in hong kong. i'm andrew stevens. you're watching "world business today". these are our top stories today tuesday, november 22nd. >>> no deal on debt reduction. the super committee proves it's anything but. >>> tear gases and tensions in south korea. a free trade agreement is finally approved. >>> and at a time with the global economy could do something, we visit a workplace with plenty of bounce. >>> first up though, so much for super to the surprise of few. the 12 politicians tasked with striking a deal on the debt reduction has come up short. a super committee may have been bipartisan, but members couldn't sort out the politics. as a result, automatic budget cuts will be triggered, shaving $1.2 trillion off federal spending off the next ten years. details in a moment. but first, here's the reaction of the u.s. president, barack obama. >> there's still too many republicans in congress who have refused to listen to the voices of reason and compromise coming from outside of washington. they continue to insist on protecting $100 million wort
is pretty hard to find, nina. president obama says they need to come up with a concrete plan and show they can deal with the crisis. this is the tone. you can see a pretty miserable day in asia as investors react to the ongoing uncertainty. financial stocks weighed down by troubles on the bond markets you're talking about. the nikkei, one of the better performers, as you can see, down almost 1%. hong kong down. that's after the imf warned hong kong was at the risk of recession. we saw some pretty weak numbers just last week. the obvious link here is what's going on in europe, obviously going to be hurting hong kong. hong kong such a big open trading center. so if trade weakens in europe, it certainly hurts hong kong. shanghai, down nearly 2.5%. and the same in australia. commodities bringing the isx 200 down by almost 1%. i want to talk about one stock we've been keeping a close eye on over the last few weeks, olympus. it was one of the biggest movers this wednesday, up by almost 16% today. it's been rising all week as worries lessen about it possibly being delisted from the nikkei 22
through the southeast. is la nina to blame? we'll take a look at the weather phenomenon and their impacts around the globe tonight on the cbs evening news. çñ >>> this weekend, join the home for the walk-a-thon right near the national gallery of arts. you can get more information here at jayceedugard.com. >>> mixed in with the rain and certain parts of the area, a perfect backdrop for winter. >> reporter: i'm scott broom with maryland's highway administration with the safety warnings about the brand new lane blocking side. about to be rolled on out for snow season. it's called the tow plow. it's a giant trailer hooked to the back. now watch this. the tow plow will swing wide, at which point, the driver drops the bigging long orange blade and there you have it. scraping the snow all at once. >> you just need to be careful. >> yeah. >> just let us get off the road. >> that is the important thing to remember about the tow plow is not to pass it. >> reporter: they will be deployed in maryland this season in western counties. from western maryland all the way through howard county with the t
. at this point we would like to -- there was one other card here. there is a nina? i apologize. i was going to close comment. thank you. if there is any other speakers who would like to speak who haven't given a card, line up there. otherwise, i will be closing public comment after nina. >> thank you for having me. i was born and raised in san francisco. my mother is actually an immigration consultant. i think growing up here, it was very aparent a, how much more vibrant this community because of the immigrants who are here. i graduated from laurel high school, which is the school where the majority of students are students of color. apart from my caucasian friend, i don't think a single one of my friends came from a non-immigrant family. the other thing growing up in this climate is how polarizing the issue is. it seems like there has been a battle between people who are pro immigration and people who are anti-immigration. but i think, especially seeing all the faces here, just putting faces on this issue makes it so there aren't two sides to this people, that there are two grooms of peopl
. >> nina? >> there are three reasons he cannot recover. the first is that he did not know this in his inner core, and the second and third i cannot remember. >> colby? >> this is one of those situations where i can say there but for the grace of god go i. i write a column, three pairs of eyes look at it before it gets published. and of course, this show was spontaneous, but every now and then we go time out. in his situation, i ache for him. i am not going to say he is gone. >> well, here's the problem -- rick perry is a very effective retail politician. when he meets people in groups of five, eight, 12 people. that requires time. if he had a year, 11 months to spend in iowa, i have no doubt he could meet a critical number of voters. the problem is is a wholesale experience. everybody saw this. there is no way it is rebutted. >> the other thing is that people say of him that he is such a gifted retail politician, but there isn't substance there. this was the test of the substance and he has not passed the test. >> herman cain continues to nine deny he ever harassed anyone at any time and wi
we learn that he had it to monitor association. it doesn't look good. >> nina? >> newt gingrich is nothing if not glib. unfortunately, there are facts that contradict the things he says. when you say you did not lobby, that becomes a technical trick because you are offering strategic advice and getting paid mass amounts of money. the strategic advice -- how have access to people he was formally speaker for, how to do the deals you want to do -- that becomes a distinction without a difference. >> mark? >> newt gingrich, according to newt gingrich, told the indyfrec while he was paying paid every month, that the business model was insane. nobody at freddie mac ever heard him say this. at least five people say he never did say it. but this is newt gingrich. oing back to what charles' point was, this man has shown incredible intellectual flexibility. he is somebody who has been on both sides of an awful lot of issues. that is going to be his undoing. >> here is a question from friday's "wall street journal." "how to politicians who arrive in washington, d.c. what with modest means l
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